Pesanan Yoo Ah In agak ‘menyeramkan’ netizen

Baru-baru ini Yoo Ah In memuatnaik kapsyen di laman instagram nya berterima kasih kepada peminat yang mengirimkannya ucapan.

Berikut adalah terjemahan dalam ‘english’ surat yang dituliskan oleh peminatnya:

“Hello, thank you for your messages. I have taken a good look at your impressive work creations. I feel self-respect and influence through those interesting and profound works, and I can feel your will to use that power well in various relationships. Similarly, in your writings. If you can give a chance to thoroughly examine and reflect on the real impacts and responsibilities of these creations and writings/words in the relationship with the world, I hope that you can also have time to learn more about each other. Please, leave your phone number.”

Kemudian, Yoo Ah in membalas komennya dalam kapsyen yang panjang lebar.

“Whatever form it may be, there are more and more messages that I want to respond to. Not to those who boast their perennial ‘sense’ but to those who share sensitivities and take moments of creativity from interaction and wish to communicate. The effort and sincerity to make relationships creative, make me move. Because I want to play with them.

Over several years and several messages, there have been those who carry on without showing sincerity or maturity and whine excessively expressing only despair and restriction; and then there are those who understand others’ pain through their own suffering and live as the protagonist of their own life while knowing how to respect others’ lives and livelihoods. The latter work in ways that make sense or are formed from expressions that warrant further experiences; they introduce themselves through artwork filled with sincerity. Oftentimes, though seemingly impertinent, I do not have the capacity to rescue those who fit in the former and my decision to reject them is a courtesy. I can no longer find the will to engage in exchanges with people who bring forward absurd deals and thus rejection is my honesty.

An artist should not stop at showing what their senses perceive, but should progress to portray what can be made of the inspirations brought upon by their sensitivities. Aren’t the struggles of loneliness drawn out in some form. It’s not about finding the answer but proving yourself through the process of trying, failing and maturing. There’s an overflow of people making excuses for themselves and showing off; playing the narcissistic critic. An artist is one who moves the criticisms, feelings and inspirations of themselves and the world, into their work. It’s not about just growing the mind with judgements; art is moving the body, making attempts, experimenting and contemplating one’s relationship with the world, and the exhibition of that art should be done in the same way. And, perhaps, couldn’t this be love.

What is a friend, what is a significant other and what could love be. What is work and what, then, is life. What is the use of all that work contemplating love and beauty. A demand or a sacrifice, desire or restriction, a deal or an exchange, in the face of ruining and ultimately rebuilding these minds, how am I to continue living.

To live or to die, I sent a message to a friend who still struggles with this question. I told them: without finding a definite reason to live, just live until you’ve found a definite reason to die. You will anyway.

What can we do within a safe relationship or the bounds of a frame, or outside of it. What is the use of my mind and expressions of uncertainly, disguised by confidence. Who will my lacking sincerity hurt next. I’m curious. And I want to say I love you, please love me, I want to live, and to ask what we can do together. It’s not that I want to own you.

I’m still floundering in the ocean of ignorance, not knowing that I can have you or that we’re already together, and this is a fragment of my floundering form.

Thus, let’s not be embarrassed by expression. Selling out all over the place and then feeling embarrassed is far worse. Let’s be more honest with each other. And let’s communicate in suffocation. With passionate hearts, sharing sincerity, let’s break and rebuild. I want to approach quintessence like that, with you. I want find, procure and live a normal human life with spirit.

Apabila bercerita tentang soal hidup dan mati, pesanan Yoo Ah In terhadap rakannya itu agak menyeramkan walaupun niatnya berfalsafah . Dia sempat menasihati rakannya yang tak dinamakan yang mengalami kemurungan supaya sentiasa mencari sebab untuk terus hidup sehinggalah tiada lagi alasan kuat yang menidakkannya daripada mati. Dalam erti kata lain, maksud Yoo Ah In ini boleh disalahtafsirkan sebagai ‘jika tiada apa nak dicari lagi dalam hidup ini, maka barulah boleh mati’ , yakni ianya tidak menolak kemungkinan ‘bunuh diri’ sebagai penyelesaian.

Di samping pesanan tersebut, Yoo Ah in turut meminta mereka yang berhadapan dengan masalah ‘self-esteem’ yang rendah supaya melepaskannya dan bersikap jujur antara satu sama lain.

Katanya, “Setiap anak seni perlu mengekspresikan inspirasi terjalin dalam dirinya. Mereka tidak perlu membataskan dirinya dengan kritikan, malah mempergunakannya untuk tujuan mempersembahkan nilai-nilai seni itu.”

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