6th 2017 CariKdrama Awards


6th CARI Kdrama Awards

Here the official schedules for 2017 #carikdramaawards :

Oct 24, 2017: Popular Categories open for submissions.

Dec 25, 2017 : Due date submissions for both Excellence Categories and Popular Categories.

Dec 29, 2017: Top 5 announcements. Final votings open for all Malaysian fans.

Jan 17, 2018: Due date for final votings.

Jan 20, 2018: 2017 6th CARI Kdrama Awards ceremony.


Greeting, ya’ll! *bowing*

How are you guys today? Must so be busy from the morning, right? Well, I bet you visited the spa, then to saloon getting your hair and make-up done and finally, it’s time to put on those nice, glamorous and bling-bling clothes! *insert fireworks sound here*

Do we have first timers at this event? Hows your feeling coming here for the first time? Nervous? Or excited? To everyone who has been here before, welcome again! Thank you for attending this award once again. We appreciate your effort to come here (I know it wasn’t easy), thank you for supporting us come hell or high water. I hope all of you can continue your support cuz it means a lot to us.

Okey, enough said. Let’s do a serious talk here. To all our VIPs, honorable guests and media teams, welcome to the 6th CARI KDrama Awards! I hope you enjoy your stay here. While waiting for the event to start, you can go roaming around the food table. We have lotsa (Korean) food prepared for all of you. Please eat them to your heart content (we expect no leftover at the end of the event xD)

Okay, let’s go back to our serious talk. I’m sorry cuz I don’t know how to write a speech or reviews without being serious. Pardon my manner.

6th CARI KDrama Awards is one of the remarkable and awesome programs that exists to support and appreciate everyone involving in Korean dramas by acknowledging their blood, sweat and tears in bringing out great Korean dramas for us the international fans.

The road to this drama awards is not easy especially for us the vounteers of Majlis Pengkritik KDrama. We personally hand picked every reviews sent to us and audited it by ourselves. Well, it wasn’t easy, but somehow we enjoyed doing it. This is our sixth year joining the team, but we gained alot. Our team are so helpful and funny. They’re the real heroes. Well, I wish we can wear superheroes outfit (I choose Iron Man lol).

So, let’s thank the awesome people who made this event happen! Please
give a big round of applause for all the volunteers who have given their time, effort, dedication, and so much more to make this event a success. You guys are dae to the bak! Literally awesome.

I’d also like to extend my gratitude to everyone who casted their votes and sent their reviews. Thank your for spending your time to write to us and cast your vote. Your efforts means so much to us, to the people in the drama and to all Malaysians KDrama lovers especially.

We have lotsa games prepared for all of you and guess what? This is the time for you to collect tacang! Woohooo!

So, don’t forget to participate! Once again, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Last but not least, Malaysia is currently experiencing winter, thus do not forget to keep your body warm. Okay?


1. Ahmad Firdaus (Jury President)
2. Roshidah
3. Siti Mardhiah
4. Nor Azian
5. Malissa Saila
6. Siti Amani
7. Siti Noor Faizan


With due respect, for the first time, we would like to present HONORARY AWARD to the very esteemed persona known in Korean Drama world..
Maepk, without hesistation, will give this HONORARY AWARD to
the two-times Cari Kdrama Awards nominee,
~~~Noh Hee Kyung~~~
“In grateful recognition of her enduring commitment in bringing out heart-warming stories with so many flavors, and outstanding screenplay during the last twenty years, and for her recent work:  TvN’s The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World”






Drama of The Year

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Jikalau tahun lepas drama Signal yakni bergenrekan jenayah penyiasatan dinobatkan menjadi Drama Of The Year, kali ini nampaknya pilihan ramai nyata berbeza. Pilihan ramai telah menjadikan Because This Is My First Life sebagai Drama Of The Year 2017. Jalan cerita yang tidak begitu berat dan complicated berjaya menambat hati penonton. Therefore, we strongly recommend this drama for you to watch. Tahniah buat semua tenaga produksi dan juga para pelakon Because This Is My First Life . [DramaoftheYear] 6th #carikdramaawards #kmania #ChiefKim #김과장 #QueenforSevenDays #7일의왕비 #RebelThiefWhoStoleThePeople #역적백성을훔친 도적 #Black #블랙 #Falsify #조작 #RomanticDoctorTeacherKim #낭만닥터김사부 #BecauseThisIsMyFirstLife #이번생은처음이라 #ChicagoTypewriter #시카고타자기 #ForestsOfSecrets #secretforest #stranger #비밀의숲 #Goblin #Dokkaebi #도깨비 #고블린 #tvn #dramaoftheyear #kdrama2017

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[KBS] Chief Kim
[KBS] Queen for Seven Days
[MBC] Rebel : Thief Who Stole The People
[OCN] Black
[SBS] Falsify
[SBS] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
[tvN] Because This Is My First Life (*Winner*)
[tvN] Chicago Typewriter
[tvN] Forests Of Secrets
[tvN] Goblin


Best Director

Lee Eung Bok – [tvN] Goblin (*Winner*)
Kim Chul Kyu – [tvN] Chicago Typewriter
Yu In Sik – [SBS] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
Park Jun Hwa – [tvN] Because This Is My First Life
Lee Jung Heum – [SBS] Falsify


Best Screenplay

Hwang Jin Young – [MBC] Rebel : Thief Who Stole The People
Jin Soo Hwan – [tvN] Chicago Typewriter
Kim Eun Sook – [tvN] Goblin
Lee Soo Yeon – [tvN] Forests Of Secrets (*Winner*)
Yoon Nan Joong – [tvN] Because This Is My First Life


Best Actor

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Gong Yoo – [tvN] Goblin(*Winner*)
Han Suk Kyu – [SBS] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
Ji Sung – [SBS] Defendant
Lee Min Ki – [tvN] Because This Is My First Life
Nam Goong Min – [KBS] Chief Kim
Yoo Ah In – [tvN] Chicago Typewriter


Best Actress

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Im Soo Jung – [tvN] Chicago Typewriter
Jung Ryeo Won – [KBS] Witch’s Court
Jung So Min – [tvN] Because This Is My First Life
Kim Ah Joong – [tvN] Live Up To Your Name
Kim Hee Sun – [jtbc] Woman of Dignity(*Winner*)
Seo Hyun Jin – [SBS] Temperature of Love


Best Supporting Actor

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Go Jung Pyo – [tvN] Chicago Typewriter
Lee Dong Gun – [KBS] Queen for Seven Days
Lee Dong Wook – [tvN] Goblin(*Winner*)
Uhm Ki Joon – [SBS] Defendant
Woo Do Hwan – [KBS] Mad Dog
Yoo Jun Sang – [SBS] Falsify


Best Supporting Actress

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Esom – [tvN] Because This Is My First Life
Honey Lee – [MBC] Rebel : Thief Who Stole The People (*Winner*)
Lee Yoo Young – [OCN] Tunnel
Park Eun Bin – [jtbc] Age Of Youth 2
Park Se Young – [SBS] Whisper
Song Ha Yoon – [KBS] Fight for My Way


Song of The Year

I Will Go to You Like Snow, Ailee – [tvN] Goblin (*Winner*)
Good Morning, Kassy – [KBS] Fight for My Way
Let Me Love You, Stella Jang – [SBS] Temperature of Love
Always, Hyo Rin – [tvN] Live Up To Your Name
Words I Want To Hear, Suzy – [SBS] While You Were Sleeping


Best Cinematography

[SBS] Defendant
[SBS] Temperature of Love
[SBS] While You Were Sleeping
[tvN] Chicago Typewriter
[tvN] Goblin (*Winner*)


PD’s Award for the Best Ensemble Cast

[tvN] Goblin – Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na, Yook Sung Jae, Kim Min Jae, Lee El
[KBS] Chief Kim – Nam Goong Min, Dong Ha, Jun Ho, Jung Hye-sung
[tvN] Forests Of Secrets – Jo Seung Wo , Bae Doona , Yoo Jae Myung , Lee Joon Hyuk , Lee Kyoung-Young
[tvN] Because This Is My First Life – Lee Min Ki, Jung So Min, Esom (*Winner*)
[tvN] Chicago Typewriter – Yoo Ah In, Im Soo Jung, Go Jung Pyo, Kwak Shi Yang


Best Album Production

[tvN] Goblin (*Winner*)
[MBC] Rebel : Thief Who Stole The People
[tvN] Chicago Typewriter
[SBS] While You Were Sleeping
[OCN] Black


Best Original Score

Oh Joon Sung (Pan Entertainments) – [SBS] Temperature of Love
KT Music – [MBC] Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
iHQ, Gaji Contents – [SBS] While You Were Sleeping
CJ E&M MUSIC – [SBS] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
CJ E&M MUSIC – [tvN] Chicago Typewriter (*Winner*)




Favorite Drama

[jtbc] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
[tvN] Because This is My First Life
[KBS] Fight For My Way
[SBS] While You’re Sleeping (*Winner*)
[tvN] Goblin


Favorite Lengthy Drama

[MBC] Bad Thief, Good Thief
[KBS] My Father is Strange(*Winner*)
[KBS] My Golden Life


Worst Overrated Drama

[KBS] Hwarang: The Beginning
[tvN] Goblin
[MBC] Hospital Ship (*Winner*)
[tvN] Criminal Minds
[tvN] Bride of the Water God


Popular Actor

Gong Yoo – [tvN] Goblin
Ji Chang Wook – [SBS] Suspicious Partner
Lee Dong Wook – [tvN] Goblin
Lee Jong Suk – [SBS] While You’re Sleeping (*Winner*)
Nam Goong Min – [KBS] Chief Kim / [SBS] Falsify


Popular Actress

Jung So Min – [tvN] Because This is My First Life
Kim Ah Joong – [tvN] Live Up To Your Name
Kim Go Eun – [tvN] Goblin
Park Bo Young – [jtbc] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
Suzy – [SBS] While You’re Sleeping (*Winner*)


Best Memorable Scene

[tvN] Live Up To Your Name – Dr. Heo Im & Dr Yeo Kyung dating together at the beach
[tvN] Goblin –Kim Shin & Grim Reaper thought that the Apps Store was to go to the store by themselves (*Winner*)
[tvN] Goblin – Kim Shin & Grim Reaper were honed while they are walking together to buy the leeks
[tvN] Goblin – Kim Shin surprised Ji Eun Tak with his sudden appearance while holding the beef steak
[tvN] Live Up To Your Name – Dr. Heo Im & Dr Yeo Kyung hugged together before they separated


Couple of The Year

Gong Yoo & Lee Dong Wook – [tvN] Goblin
Ji Chang wook & Nam Ji Hyun – [SBS] Suspicious Partner
Kim Nam Gil & Kim Ah Joong – [tvN] Live Up To Your Name
Lee Jong Suk & Suzy – [SBS] While You’re Sleeping (*Winner*)
Park Seo Joon & Kim Ji Won – [KBS] Fight For My Way


Popular Ahjussi

Han Suk Kyu – [SBS] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim
Jo Sung Ha – [OCN] Save Me
Kim Byung Chul – [tvN] Goblin
Kim Won Hae – [jtbc] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon / [SBS] While You’re Sleeping  (*Winner*)
Song Seung Hun – [OCN] Black


Popular Ahjumma

Hwang Young Hee – [SBS] While You’re Sleeping (*Winner*)
Kim Sun Young – [tvN] Because This is My First Life
Lee Il Hwa – [KBS] Chief Kim / [KBS] Witch Court
Ra Mi Ran – [tvN] Avengers Social Club


Popular Rookie Actor

Dong Ha – [SBS] Suspicious Partner / [KBS] Chief Kim
Jung Hae In – [SBS] While You’re Sleeping (*Winner*)
Kim Jung Hyun – [KBS] School 2017
Woo Do Hwan – [OCN] Save Me / [KBS] Mad Dog
Yang Se Jong – [SBS] Temperature of Love / [SBS] Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim


Popular Rookie Actress

Esom – [tvN] Because This is My First Life
Kim Se Jeong – [KBS] School 2017 (*Winner*)
Mun Ka Young – [tvN] Live Up To Your Name
Seo Ye Ji – [OCN] Save Me / [KBS] Hwarang
Yoon So Hee – [MBC] Ruler: Master of Mask


Popular Child Actor

Nam da reum – [SBS] While You’re Sleeping (*Winner*)
Jo Yun Ho – [KBS] Fight For My Way
Kim Ye Joon – [MBC] Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
Jung Ji Hoon – [tvN] Goblin
Yoon Chan Young – [jtbc] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Popular Child Actress

Heo Jung Eun – [KBS] Oh My Geumbi
Lee Han Seo – [KBS] Fight For My Way
Roh Jeong Eui – [tvN] Live Up To Your Name
Shin Rin Ah – [tvN] Live Up To Your Name (*Winner*)


Best Kissing Scene

Rain Kiss : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elKwrgYPMxQ – [SBS] While You’re Sleeping (*Winner*)
Hospital Kiss: epi 14: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DXlUzh3Q0Q – [tvN] Live Up To Your Name
Train Kiss: Epi 4: Kissing dalam keretapi diselangi dengan muzik yang sayu . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toVyZ1j0dew – [SBS] Temperature of Love
You Make My Heart Flutter Kiss epi 12: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4IucElYkf0 – [jtbc] Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
First Time Kiss : epi 11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-3mnVYaRq4 – [tvN] Because This is My First Life


Drama Poster Choice

[tvN] Goblin
[SBS] While You’re Sleeping (*Winner*)
[jtbc] The Package
[tvN] Live Up To Your Name
[KBS] Hwarang: The Beginning