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In 2012, Asian, Drama & Telenovela Cari Forum board members introduced the first ever online korean awards, CARI 2012 K-Drama awards, held in CARI Forum to celebrate and give credits for the excellencies of soap drama achievements. In CARI 2012 K-Drama, we were taking the nominations given by our communities for the popular and critical reviews awards. It will then be followed by the CARI 2013 K-Drama & Variety Shows but with some improvements in the quality of nominations, where we were taking each single community’s review on that drama they watched in order to be calculated for the eligibility of being nominated for certain awards categories.  Besides, we held several activities to keep our communities interest in upcoming awards.

Since the online award was conducted inside Malaysian Forum, thus the language used to converse among the fans were Malay and English.

For the excellence categories, we determined the nominations by analyzing the reviews done by the forum committees. Normally, after the drama finished, we asked our forum committees to write the critical and lengthy review. The analysis process was done critically without any prejudice or bias on item’s popularity or success. We took all the reviews of the k drama from three major broadcasters – KBS, SBS & MBC and the cable channels – TvN, JtBc, OCN. While for the popularity categories, we opened the voting process so that they can chose their favorites.

Our Online K Drama Awards might be best considered as critic award without representation of the award receivers. The purpose of the award was to give idea (sort of recommendations) of the yearly list of k drama to the fans which was recommended by the committees, not by one person. All for this awhile, it was done among Malaysian fans under the constraint of CARI Forum.

Since 2012, CariKdrama Awards became annual live show for all Malaysian fandom committees to enjoy which held on mid Jan or Feb.

CariKdrama Awards is part of our journey to set up new club under Kmania. Kmania, which stands for ‘Majlis Pengkritik dan Peminat Kdrama’ or ‘Malaysian Kdrama Critics Circle and Fans Society’ is the first official Malaysian korean club registered under Registrar of Societies, Malaysia aimed to strengthen the ties among korean fans communities, to be a responsible society handling korean events in Malaysia, to unite fans club communities and to be great references for the any information regarding kdrama, kpop and korean cultures.

The language conversed is Bahasa Melayu with some written in English. We have covered some news regarding Korean celebrities events held in Malaysia, you may see the attachment we did here. We also participated in Korea Expo 2017 and being part of Wow PyeongChang Malaysia supporters. We have drawn several traffics to our main website here due to active publications of media articles and our club activities.

Our dedicated club has committee called as Malaysian Critics Drama Society, which oversee the selections of the best quality drama to be nominated in our annual drama awards, is known as CariKdrama Awards. We are very passionate when come to the cinematic excellence to promote the way the films or dramas are being made from the production, directing up to the technical aspects. We have learn along the way how the film or dramas are being judged carefully without bias. Therefore, the creation of Malaysian Critics Drama Society was to fit that purpose.

Kmania was not limited to news-covering events or as news-maker body only , but also as local support body that the committees can wish to do in future. We need a tones of members to be able to give strong voices for any event that we organize based on recommendations from the members of the club.

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