4th 2015 CariKdrama Awards

*We considered the list of the dramas that finished broadcasting at the early of Jan 2015 till 20 Dec 2015.*
*Winners are bold as red*

Drama of The Year

[tvN] Oh My Ghost
[tvN] Heart To Heart
[SBS] Punch
[SBS] Pinocchio
[SBS] Mrs Cop
[SBS] Heard It Through Grapevine
[MBC] She Was Pretty
[MBC] Kill Me Heal Me
[KBS] Hello Monster/I Remember You

Best Director

Lee Myung Woo – [SBS] Punch
Jo Soo Won – [SBS] Pinocchio
Ahn Pan Suk – [SBS] Heard It through Grapevine
Jung Dae Yoon – [MBC] She Was Pretty
Kim Jin Man, Kim Dae Jin – [MBC] Kill Me Heal Me

Best Screenplay

Jin Soo Wan – [MBC] Kill Me Heal Me
Kwon Ki Young – [KBS] Hello Monster
Park Hye Run – [SBS] Pinocchio
Park Kyung Soo – [SBS] Punch
Yang Hee Seung – [tvN] Oh My Ghost

Best Actor

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Ji Chang Wook – [KBS] Healer
Ji Sung – [MBC] Kill Me Heal Me
Joo Won – [SBS] Yong Pal
Kim Rae Won – [SBS] Punch
Yoon Jun Sang – [SBS] Heard It Through Grapevine

Best Actress

Kim Hee Sun – [MBC] Angry Mom
Choi Ji Woo – [tvN] Twenty Again
Hwang jum eum – [MBC] She Was Pretty
Park Bo Young – [tvN] Oh My Ghost
Park Shin Hye – [SBS] Pinocchio

Best Supporting Actor

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Choi Si Won – [MBC] She Was Pretty
Choi Woo Young – [tvN] Twenty Again
Jo Jae Hyun – [SBS] Punch
Nam Goong Min – [SBS] A Girl Who See Smells
Park Bo Gum – [KBS] Hello Monster/I Remember You

Best Supporting Actress

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Shin Eun Kyung – [SBS] The Village – Achiara’s Secret
Choi Myung Gil – [SBS] Punch
Kim Hye Ja – [KBS] Unkind Women
Kim Mi-kyung – [KBS] Healer
Yoo In Young – [SBS] Mask

Best Album Production

[tvN] Oh My Ghost
[SBS] A Girl Who See Smells
[MBC] Scholar Who Walks The Night
[MBC] Kill Me Heal Me
[KBS] Healer

Song Of The Year


Coming To Me, K. Will – [SBS] Yong Pal
Eternal Love, Michael Learns to Rock – [KBS] Healer
Auditory Hallucination, Jang Jae In – [MBC] Kill Me Heal Me
Loving You Again, Yook Sung Jae BTOB – [MBC] Scholar Who Walks The Night
Pinocchio , Roy Kim – [SBS] Pinocchio

Best Cinematography

[SBS] Pinocchio
[SBS] Hyde, Jekyll, Me
[SBS] Heard It Through Grapevine
[MBC] She Was Pretty
[KBS] The King’s Face
[KBS] Healer

PD’s Award for the Best Ensemble Cast

[SBS] Punch – Kim Rae Won, Jo Jae Hyun, Kim Ah Jung, Choi Myung Gil, Park Hyuk Kwan
[SBS] Heard It through Grapevine – Yoon Jun Sang, Go Ah Sung, Lee Joon, Yoo Ho Jung, Baek Ji Yeon, Gi Hae Yeon
[MBC] She Was Pretty – Park Seo Joon, Hwang Jum Eum, Choi Si won, Hwang Suk Jung, Go Joon He
[MBC] Kill Me Heal Me – Ji Sung, Hwa Jum Eum, Park Seo Jeon, Kim Seul Gi
[KBS]The Producers – Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Cha Tae Hyun, KIm Jong Kook, Na Young Hee,

Worst Overrated Drama

[SBS] Yong Pal
[SBS] The Time We Were Not In Love
[SBS] Hyde, Jekyll, Me
[SBS] High Society
[MBC] Shine or Go Crazy
[KBS] Blood

CariKdrama Popular’s Choicer

[SBS] Pinocchio
[MBC] She Was Pretty
[tvN] Twenty Again
[MBC] Kill Me Heal Me
[SBS] Yong Pal

Popular Actor

Choi Si Won – She Was Pretty
Ji Sung – Kill Me Heal Me
Joo Won – Yong Pal
Lee Jong Suk – Pinocchio
Lee Jun Ki – Scholar Who Walks At Night
Jo Jung Suk – Oh My Ghost

Popular Actress

Choi Ji Woo – Twenty Again
Gong Hyo Jin – The Producers
Hwang Jum Eum – She Was Pretty/Kill Me Heal Me
Kim Tae Hee – Yong Pal
Park Bo Yong – Oh My Ghost
Park Shin Hye – Pinocchio

Couple of The Year

Choi Si Won & Hwa Jum Eum – She Was Pretty
Ji chang wook & Park min young – Healer
Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye – Pinocchio
Park Bo Yong & Jo Jung Suk – Oh My Ghost
Park Seo Jeon & Hwa Jum Eum – She Was Pretty/Kill Me Heal Me

Popular Ahjussi

Choi Won Young – Kill Me Heal Me/Twenty Again/Hello Monster
Jung Woong In – Yong Pal
Kim Sang Ho – D-Day
Shin Jung Keun – Pinocchio
Yoon Joo Sang – Heard It Through Gravepine

Popular Ahjumma

Hwang Suk Jung – She Was Pretty/Mask
Jin Kyung – Pinocchio
Kim Mi Kyung – Healer/Yong Pal
Lee Jung Eun – Oh My Ghost
Shin Eun Kyung – Oh My Ghost/Village:Aihara

Best Memorable Scene

[MBC] Scholar who walk at night – Bathtub scene
[MBC] She Was Pretty – Choi Shin Hyuk intentionally put down his towel in front of Ji Sung Joon
[SBS] The girl who sees smells – proposal scene with perfume sprayed
[tvN] Oh My Ghost – While the chef wanted a sex, Na Bong rejected him with demeanor expressions.
[tvN] Twenty Again – Thank You Cha Hyun Suk

Popular Rookie Actor  

Kim Jong Kook – Producers
Kim Min Jae – Twenty Again
Kwak Shi Yang – Oh My Ghost
Lee Woon Geun – Sassy Go!
Yook Sung Jae BTOB – Village:Aihara/Who Are You – School 2015

Popular Rookie Actress  

Ha Seung Ri – Twenty Again / Producer / Unkind Ladies
Jin Ki Joo – Twenty Again
Lim Ji Yeon – High Society
Son Na Eun – Twenty Again

Popular Child Actor  

Lee Do Hyun – Kill Me Heal Me
Nam Da Reum – Pinocchio/Six Flying dragons
Yang Han Yeol – She Was Pretty

Popular Child Actress

Ahn Seo Hyun – The Village ; Achiara’s Secret
Jung Da Bin – She Was Pretty
Kim Amy – Kill Me Heal Me
Noh Jung Ui – Pinocchio

Best Kissing Scene

[KBS] Healer – First Snow Beanie Kiss Scene
[KBS] The Producers – “copier” kiss by Running man (Kim Jong Kok)
[MBC] She Was Pretty – exciting ‘bed’ first kiss
[SBS] Pinocchio – Snowfall kiss
[tvN] Oh My Ghost – first time mutual kiss after hair drying at the kitchen.

Drama Poster’s Choice

[SBS] Pinocchio

SOURCE: 5th CariKdrama Awards Live Thread