Our Partners


Kmania aimed to (i) engage the discussions of Kdrama critically where the fans can analyze and criticize the dramas without prejudice restrictions, thus giving way to the appointed community to audit their reviews and translate it into the form of Cari Kdrama Awards, for instance, (ii) to become a certified association which manages all the Korean-related events in Malaysia, and (iii) strengthen amiable friendship with fellow fans for the purpose of holding sagacious discussions on all aspects of Korean entertainment and cultural activities including Kpop and so on. We open to any club or media organization who willing to work with us in order to achieve these targets. We hope that those who make formal partnership with us will benefit both of us in many ways for the better causes.

Here, Kelab Pengkritik dan Peminat Korea Malaysia (KMANIA) is a proud partner of,

Kdramapal, that is based on Philippines, aims to disseminate information about Korean dramas and promote Korean dramas to the world. In connection with these objectives, Kdramapal work with organizations, companies, and media outlets from around the planet to feature and promote and/or sponsor their activities, events, programs, and even content related to Korean dramas. To know more about Kdramapal, please visit their official website.

London K-drama Club (LKDC), also operated under daehandrama, is the first official organization gathering K-drama fans in the UK.  They had conducted several meet ups among their fans notably on April 3rd, 2016 when the Daehan Drama Awards (mirrored our CariKdrama Awards) was announced.  Their website was awarded top #75 best korean drama blog recently. They had similar missions and goals as Kmania did. To know more about LKDC, please visit their official website.