2nd 2013 CariKdrama Awards

Drama of The Year
Gu Family Book
I Can Hear Your Voice
Jang Ok Jung
Master Sun
Secret Love

Best Director
Shin Woo Chul, Kim Jung Hyun  (Gu Family Book)
Boo Sung Chul (Jang Ok Jung)
Jin Hyuk (Master’s Sun)
Kim Do Hoon, Oh Hyun Jong (Medical Top Team)
Lee Eung Bok, Baek Sang Hoon (Secret Love)
Park Chan Hong, Cha Young Hoon (Shark)

Best Screenplay
Kang Eun Kyung (Gu Family Book)
Park Hye Ryun (I Hear Your Voice)
Choi Jung Mi  (Jang Ok Jung)
Lee Hee Myung (Queen of Ambition)
Yoo Bo Ra, Choi Ho Chul (Secret Love)

Best Album Production
Jang Ok Jung
Master Sun
Secret Love

Best Actor

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Park Shi Hoo (Alice In Cheongdamdong)
Joo Won  (Good Doctor)
Yoo ah In (Jang Ok Jung)
So Ji Sub (Master’s Sun)
Ji sung (Secret Love)

Best Actress

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Kim Tae Hee (Jang Ok Jung )
Gong Hyo Jin ( Master Sun)
Hwang jung eum (Secret Love)
Song Hye Kyo (That Winter The Wind Blows)
Choi Ji Woo (The Suspicious Housekeeper)   

Best Supporting Actor

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Jo Sang Wook (Good Doctor)
Kim Won Bin (Heirs)
Bae so bin (Secret)
Song Jong Ho (The Suspicious Housekeeper)
Lee Sung Jae (Gu Family Book)

Best Supporting Actress

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So Yi Hyun (Alice In Cheongdamdong)
Kim Yoo Bin (Fugitive Joseon / Heaven’s Order)
Kim Sung Ryung  (Heirs)
Han Chae Ah (Marry Me If You Dare)
Lee Chae Mi (Two Weeks)
Kim Young Ae  (Medical Top Team)

Song Of The Year

Master Sun    – Touch Love    (Yoon Mi Rae)
Reply 1994    –   To You (Sung Si Kyung)
Shark   –      Btw Heaven & Hell (Boa)
That Winter The Wind Blows      – Winter Love (The One)
That Winter The Wind Blows    – Snowflake (Gummy)

CARIKdrama Popular’s Choicer
I Can Hear Your Voice
Master’s Sun
Secret Love
That Winter, The Wind Blows

Popular Actor
Ji Sung – Secret Love
Kim NamGil – Shark
Lee Jong Suk – I Can Hear Your Voice
Lee Min Ho  – Heirs
So Ji Sub – Master Sun

Popular Actress
Gong Hyo Jin – Master’s Sun
Hwa Jung Eum – Secret Love
Moon Chae Won – Good Doctor
Park Shin Hye – Heirs / Flower Boys Next Door
Yoo Eun Hye – Marry me If You Dare

Best Memorable Scene

(i) Master Sun   Epi 4/16: TaeYang got possessed by ghosts
(ii) Heirs  Epi 20: Choi Youngdo met again her mother after several years passed.
(iii) Suspicious Housekeeper  Epi 10: Hye Gyul chased Bok Yeo while shouting Omma omma kajima…
(iv) Two weeks Epi 12: Taesan got his birthday wished by his daughter at hospital
(v) Heirs Epi 13: At Bo Na party, Eun Sang admitted that she came from poor family while Kim Tan proclaimed his illegitimate child status in front of their friends.
(vi) Master Sun  Epi 3: Taeyang was chased by high heel ghost.

Couple of The Year
Gong Hyo Gin-So Ji Sub (Master’s Sun)
Ji Sung – Hwa Jum Eum (Secret)
Kang Min Hyuk & Krystal Jung So Jung  (Heirs)
Lee Min Ho-Park Shin Hye (Heirs)
Yoo Ah In & Kim TaeHee (Jang Ok Jung)

Popular Ahjussi
Choi Jung Woo – Master’s Sun
Choi Won Young – Heirs
Jung Woong In – I Can Hear Your Voice
Lee Jong Won – Master’s Sun
Park Woon Sang – Medical Top Team

Popular Ahjumma
Choi Mung Gil – Marry me If You Dare
Kim Hae Sook – I Can Hear Your Voice/Suspicious Housekeeper
Kim Mi Kyung – Master’s Sun/Heirs/The Fugitive Of Joseon   
Kim Sung Ryung – Queen of Ambition/Heirs
Park Joon Geum – Heirs

Popular Rookie Actor
Infinite L  –  Master’s Sun
Kang Ha Neul  –  Heirs
Kang Min Hyuk  – Heirs
Park Hyung Sik – Heirs
Yong Jun Hyung –  Monstar

Popular Rookie Actress
Jung Eun Ji  – That Winter, The Wind Blows
Kim Ji Won – Heirs
Kim Seul Gi – Flower Boy Next Door
Krystal Jung – Heirs  
Min Do Hee – Reply 1994

Popular Child Actor
Chae SangWoo  –  
Suspicious Housekeeper/Jang Ok Jung
Choi Ro Won – Good Doctor
Lee Do Hyun  – Master’s Sun
Nam Da Reum  – Suspicious Housekeeper
Park Ji Bin – Incarnation Of Money/Suspicious Housekeeper

Popular Child Actress

Kang Ji Woo – Suspicious Housekeeper  
Kim Hyun Soo – Good Doctor
Kim So Hyun – Suspicious Housekeeper/ I Can Hear Your Voice
Kim Yoo Bin– Fugitive of Joseon
Lee ChaeMin  – Two Weeks

Best Kissing Scene

Gu Family Book        Lee Seung Gi-Suzy
Secret Love        Ji Sung-Hwa Jum Eum

Master’s Sun       So Ji Sub – Gong Hyo Jin
Secret Love        Ji Sung-Hwa Jum Eum
Heirs       Lee Min Ho-Park Shin Hye      

Drama Poster’s Choice

I Can Hear Your Voice
Master’s Sun
Secret Love
That Winter, The Wind Blows
The Heirs

*RESULTS:* Red bold

SOURCE: 2ND CariKdrama Awards Live Thread