2016 5th CARI Awards : Coming Soon!


*We considered the list of the dramas that finished broadcasting at the early of Jan 2016 till 20 Dec 2016.*

Here the official schedules for 2016 #carikdramaawards :

20 Dec 2016 : Due date submissions for both Excellence Categories and Popular Categories.

25 Dec 2016 : Top 5 announcements. Last votings open for all Malaysian fans. 

8 Jan 2017: Due date for last votings.

14 Jan 2017:  2016 5th CARI Kdrama Awards ceremony. 


Currently,  the polls are constrained to CARI Forum users.  We will try to create an online voting for the non-CARI Forum users very soon. Please see the update at the facebook: kmania .

Meanwhile, Malaysian fans are encourage to register CARI account in order to submit your vote. 

Here is the link: Voting!