G-Dragon Mendapat Layanan Istimewa Semasa Mendapatkan Rawatan

25 Jun, Portal hiburan terkenal Dispatch melaporkan bahawa ketua kumpulan BIGBANG telah bercuti dari menjalani latihan ketenteraan kerana telah dimasukkan ke hospital untuk menjalani pembedahan buku lalinya bermula dari 19 Jun sehingga 28 Jun ini. Menurut laporan yang dikeluarkan oleh pihak Dispatch G-Dragon telah mendapat layanan yang istimewa dihospital tersebut oleh pihak tentera. Dimana G-dragon telah Di wadkan didalam bilik VIP yang sepatutnya bilik tersebut akan diduduki oleh mereka yang berjawatan tinggi didalam tentera sahaja. Menurut Dispatch juga pengurus artis terkenal itu juga datang melawat diluar waktu sepatutnya. 

Wakil tentera memberi penjelasan mengenai perkara ini. Wakil tersebut memberitahu tidak ada isu layanan istimewa yang diterima oleh G-dragon dan dia memberitahu juga tiada bilik VIP yang disediakan dihospital Yangzhou Armed Forces.

“There isn’t a luxury suit at the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital. G-Dragon was admitted to a one-person room. Colonels use the one-person rooms but even privates who requires special care or stability through isolation are allowed to stay in these rooms. Even low rank soldiers who have severe snoring stay in these rooms. There are air conditioning, TVs, and refrigerators in common hospital rooms too. G-Dragon was assigned to the one-person room because there was a request to protect his private information. We checked with the security and there was no visitor after 5pm. It’s impossible for a private to receive special treatment because they are a famous celebrity. The Ministry of National Defense is currently looking over the facts and will announce their official statement soon.”

— Military Representative

Pihak YG Entertainment telah mengeluarkan kenyataan mengenai perkara ini:

“As G-Dragon is currently of soldier status, it took some time to check on the situation, so we ask for your understanding. We heard that G-Dragon is currently receiving rehabilitation treatment at the hospital after recently receiving surgery on his ankle. Mostly family and close friends visited, and there were no staff from the agency. Checking with his family, the report is very malicious and not true. There was no special treatment, there is no room for colonels at the hospital, and he was hospitalized following the normal procedure”

YG Entertainment juga memaklumkan mengenai kesihatan G-dragon sebelum memasuki khidmat ketenteraan awal tahun ini.

“Since before his enlistment, G-Dragon expressed pain due to a dislocated shoulder and spraining his ankle constantly during the world tour, and his condition worsened further during military training. The examination results showed a serious condition as bone fragments were going around damaging his ligaments and muscles, causing infection. It was an inevitable situation for him to receive surgery to get bone fragments removed, and we are aware that he was recommended a large university hospital rather than the military hospital and received surgery for the removal of the bone fragments and ligament reconstruction. As all knee and ankle surgeries are, rehabilitation treatment must be carried out with surgery. As it is a very important process of treatment, we are aware that he is receiving rehabilitation treatment at the military hospital.”

YG Entertainment menjelaskan mengenai layanan yang diterima oleh G-dragon

“G-Dragon’s hospital room is not a VIP room but a small 1-person hospital room for normal soldiers. This was a suitable action taken to prevent commotion and chaos at a hospital with lots of visitors, and we have confirmed that the special treatment mentioned by the news outlet is not true. In addition, we have confirmed that G-Dragon is strictly adhering to the military’s sick leave period and is receiving rehabilitation treatment by giving up his personal vacation time”