G-Dragon Memberi Respond Kepada Gaon Chart ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ Album

G-Dragon memberi response berkenaan penggumuman ‘Korea Music Content Industry Association’ memgenai Album barunya iaitu ‘Kwon Jiyong’ tidak akan diterima sebagai ‘Album’ kerana ia berbentuk USB dan bukan berbentuk CD. G-Dragon memberi response itu di laman sosialnya instagram.

“What’s The Problem?”

누군지도 모르는 어떠한 사람의 결정에 따라 한 아티스트의 작업물이 그저 ‘음반이다/아니다’ 로 달랑 나뉘어지면 끝인가? 오랜 시간 고민끝에 겨우 단 몇 곡을 세상에 선보인다. 비닐에 쌓인 새 앨범이 손에 잡히면 그 기분은 매번 꿈같다. (LP, 테이프, CD, usb파일…등등) 포인트가 다르다. 정작 제일 중요한건 겉을 포장하고 있는 디자인적 요서를 재미끼지 더한ㅍ그 형태가 아니라 아무것도 아닌 곳에 그 누가 어디서 틀어도 그 안에 담겨져 있는 음악, 내 목소리가 녹음된 바로 노.래가 ㅈ닐 중요하다. 당신의 귀를 통해 눈을 통해. 손을통해 입을통해. 오랜시간 세월이 지나도 가슴속에 변치않고 영원히 기억될 수 있는. 그저 짧은 노래지만 당신의 인생의 한 페이지에 같이 수록 될. 좋은멜로디와좋은가사가전부인. 다른건 중요치 않다.

(Telah diterjermahkan) :

What’s The Problem?

“Is that it, if someone who you don’t even know decides that an artist’s work ‘is an album’ or ‘is not an album’? These are the few songs that I’ve been able to reveal to the world after a long time of thought and deliberation
“Every time I’m able to hold a new album that’s still in its plastic covering, it’s like a dream. ([Is it an] LP, tape, CD, USB file…etc.) That’s not the point
“The most important thing isn’t the external packaging or the attractive design, but the music, which can be listened to by anyone, anywhere, where my voice has been recorded: my songs.
“Through your ears, your eyes, your hands, your lips. To be remembered forever in our hearts, unchanging over the course of time
“Songs, though they may be short, that can be written into the pages of our lives.
“The great melodies and lyrics are everything. Whatever else isn’t important.”

Ini adalah kenyataan Gaon mengenai Album ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ :

According to current copyright law, an “album” is “a physical object that contains music.” Initially, because a USB — like an LP, tape, or CD — is an object that music can be saved to, the Korea Music Content Industry was going to approve G-Dragon’s USB as an album.
However, the USB for “Kwon Ji Yong” contains a link to a site where the user can enter the key code printed on the album case to download the album and music video. As there is no music technically on the USB, the Korea Music Content Industry is considering the device a tool for downloading music rather than the actual album itself. The organization considers something like this a “kino album,” a new type of album that lets users download albums, music videos, photo shoots, and more through a smart phone or computer app. The Korea Music Content Industry does not categorize “kino albums” as “albums.”

Kesan daripada itu ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ tidak akan dimasukkan kedalam carta ‘Gaon Album sales’ dimana akan memberi kesan kepada keputusan kedudukan ‘ranking’ di Inkigayo (SBS) dan Show! Music Core (MBC) kerana untuk kedua-dua program ini akan mengambil kira penjualan Album fizikal.

Penjualan USB Album Ini hanya akan dimasukkan pengiraanya didalam katogari penjualan ‘online’

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